New for 2019:

BIG HAMMOCK RACE SERIES. Running with the Herd is participating in Season 3 of the Big Hammock Race Series.  We are Race number 6 and the second Super Race.  More information on the Big Hammock Race Series races can be found by going to

Kids 100 meter dash.  Exclusively for kids under 10 years old, this run will take place on the track at The Range (The Villages High School Football Field) starting at 7:30am.  All the runners will receive a plastic runner’s medallion.

1 Mile Tween Run.  Too big to run the 100 meter but not yet ready for a 5k, this race is perfect for kids 10 to 13 years of age.  This is a timed run and all runners will receive our classic inaugural season finisher medal.

Division awards:

The Villages Clubs award: We worked hard to come up with a formula that would be fair to all clubs regardless of their size or participant level.  The club that has the best average time for all its runners will win the coveted Buffalo 5k  Club Trophy.

Not to leave our business partners or other organizations out of the fun, we will have a special award for businesses/organizations competition.  Following in the footsteps of the Clubs award, the business/organization team award will be awarded to the club or organization with the best overall average time.

Charter School students should register to run under their homeroom or first period teacher.  The classes with the highest participation will receive a special celebration at their school.  Celebrations will vary depending on the grade, but we encourage kids from kindergarten through 12th grade to register for this category. ***Villages Charter School students only